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Tag: Independence

Who watches the kids?

We’re back!  After more than two months silence, we dragged out the microphones and recorded an episode, picking up exactly from where we left off.  Today’s topic of discussion: Who watches the kids when Mom and Dad have to selfishly turn away for a moment to answer a phone, or go to work, or visit a sick relative in hospital?…

How to Transport a Family

Episode 10 of the Now Look Here! podcast looks at the thorny problem of choosing a car for a large family (which, almost by definition, will be on a tight budget). Also, we review The Expanse.

Getting Things Done

It took a while to get it out the door, but the fifth episode of the Now Look Here podcast is finally out! The fact that it is almost a full week late is ironic, and you may now begin laughing, because Cathrine leads us on a discussion about ways of getting things done.  Scheduling, procrastination, multi-taking, these are things…

Taking the Leap of Faith

Sometimes you find yourself forced to make a leap of faith.  Two of the most obvious challenges facing parents of many kids, like Cath and I, are time and money.  As we touched on in the previous episode, each child requires a certain amount of attention, as well as feeding, schooling, clothing, educating, medicating, and a myriad other things that…