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Romantic misunderstandings, and escaping the Friend Zone

Back from an unplanned hiatus, we’re back with episode six of the Now Look Here podcast! This week, after sharing another story about how tough it is to be the parent of five kids, we launch boldly into a spirited discussion about how the sexes seem to aim right past each other when looking for love.

We don’t go very deep, though.  We accuse women of trying to make themselves more attractive to men by acting in very unattractive ways, and we accuse guys of believing in the friend zone.  Basically, everybody’s an idiot when it comes to dating.

Stepping back a bit, we feel like we dodged a bit of a bullet here.  We recorded this over three weeks ago, and we simply haven’t found the time or energy to edit it, or record any new material.  We’re so very sorry about that, but hey!  We’ve go five kids, it’s the end of the year, and we’ve been busy handling school holidays, preparing for long journeys, buying christmas presents.  Cathrine has been working extended night shifts, and I’ve been babysitting our entire brood through the evening.  But the good news is that within a few days we’ll be back onto a more normal schedule.  I’ll be back at work, the kid will be back at school, and we’ll once more have a few hours after midnight onces a week to record.

And thank you!  Thank you for bearing with us, for listening to our show and for telling you friends about it.  We like to believe that we’re getting better with each episode, and knowing that somebody is out there taking the time to listen is all the motivation we need to keep doing it and keep improving!

PS: If you believe that the friend zone is real, because you’re in it, hang in there.  She is never going to suddenly wake up to you, dump her boyfriend and sweep you off your feet, but you are almost certainly going to wake up one day and realise that life is too short for this garbage.  And when that day comes, you will become a happier and more well-rounded human being.

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