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Getting Things Done

It took a while to get it out the door, but the fifth episode of the Now Look Here podcast is finally out! The fact that it is almost a full week late is ironic, and you may now begin laughing, because Cathrine leads us on a discussion about ways of getting things done.  Scheduling, procrastination, multi-taking, these are things we consider, discard, and eventually recommend!

The problem we all have with our busy modern schedule and non-traditional means of employment is common enough: How to organise and discipline ourselves so that we’re not just drawing up lists and accumulating tasks, but we also actually make some progress in getting things done.  Task lists should get shorter, and progress needs to happen, otherwise we’re just pretending to work.  But how do easily bored people like ourselves deal with chronic demotivation and persuade ourselves to get back to our desks and produce quality output?  Listen below for some of the things we’ve tried!

Oh, at some point Cathrine mentions the “Two Minute Rule” — click the link to learn more about it.

We’re hoping to get back to our original schedule so hopefully the next episode should come out within only  few days.  Feel free to bleat about it in the comments if it doesn’t!  Perhaps we could try out some of our own advice, see if it works!

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