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Taking the Leap of Faith

Sometimes you find yourself forced to make a leap of faith.  Two of the most obvious challenges facing parents of many kids, like Cath and I, are time and money.  As we touched on in the previous episode, each child requires a certain amount of attention, as well as feeding, schooling, clothing, educating, medicating, and a myriad other things that all cost money.  Six years ago we realised that we were running short on both.

I had (and still do have) a full time job, while Cathrine was in that uncomfortable limbo of trying to restart a career after raising children.  We were both putting in many hours away from home, and nor bringing in enough money to meet expenses.  It was time to try and find a better way.  I created an astronomy website, to share one of my passions, and loaded it with Google Adsense to try and make a bit of cash.  Cathrine began writing, starting novels and short stories, and taking temporary jobs writing ad copy, copy-editing self-help books, and proof-reading.

Although Cathrine’s work brought in valuable income, my website didn’t (despite it being, so far as I can tell, one of the most popular astronomy websites in South Africa).  While she has continued to grow a reputation as a freelancer and heavy-weight copywriter, I’ve started blogs, this podcast, and a cloud-based hosting company.

In this episode, we discuss some of the options for people who want to take that leap of faith and find some other way to pay the bills that is not on the traditional route of formal employment.  We speak from experience (or in a few undisclosed cases, the experiences of family members) about how these different options can play out, and we try to work out the best way to bring in an income without submitting to the will of a boss.  In an office.

Unfortunately, we’re still working out this independence thing, so there will have to be follow-up episodes in the near future while we figure this out and find that magic recipe.  But until then, if you have any advice, or simply want to let us know what you thought, please leave a comment below and give us a rating on iTunes!

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  1. Gwenda Gwenda

    Well written and enjoyable. I hope you find exactly what you are looking for in your lives.

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