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On having five kids

Welcome to the third episode of the Now Look Here podcast, in which your hosts reveal themselves to be the parents of five kids, even though they are not Catholic, do know about contraception and do have other ways to entertain themselves!

Having five kids is hard, but it has its benefits.  All those cute little smiles around the breakfast table. The deeply satisfying ability to totally dismiss the complaints of lesser parents, who have only three, or even two kids. Some other third thing.

But it has its price.  The lack of sleep, the incredible never-ending expense, the chaotic morning routines, and (worst of all) the condescending smarmy remarks from strangers when they first work out that we have five kids.  In this episode, we deconstruct some of the attitudes we encounter, and explore our deepest emotional responses to them. Catharsis happens. Toes get stepped on.  We have tremendous fun.

Technical note: We seem to have figured out how to make a clean recording!  For the first time we’ve eliminated hiss, microphone bumps and background noises, AND managed to save the recording at a higher quality level.  The file size has gone up a bit, as a result, but we think its worth it if it means people can actually hear what we’re saying.

If you enjoyed hearing about our five kids, or just like the podcast, please leave a comment below and give us a positive review on iTunes, or whichever other directory you found us on, and tell all your friends to tune in on this page!

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  1. Twang Twang

    You GET ME!!! Nick and I could have recorded this exact podcast but alas only about our three kiddos 🙂 RESPECT! I vote hell yeah 🙂 I’d donate some coppers to continue to hear you and feel normal 😀

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