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Now Look Here! Parenting done right

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Why a podcast, you ask? Not everything I want to talk about fits neatly into a written blog post. Sometimes an idea needs to be bounced off somebody before it can start to take shape. Sometimes it turns out to be nonsense, and sometimes it turns out to have deeper meanings and implications that anybody could have realised. So instead of writing an essay, I discuss it with somebody close to me, an intellectual equal who I can trust to be honest with me, to set me straight when I say something stupid, or crack a joke when I start taking myself too seriously.

So my wife and I started a podcast where we do exactly that! We talk about… well, truth be told we’re still finding our feet here, so we haven’t settled on a format or a theme, but that’s no reason why you can’t still subscribe and hear what we have to say! If you like what you hear, please share this page with your friends and loved ones, tell them how awesome we are, and head over to itunes to give us a nice positive review. And if you hate it, well then screw you, man! why not leave us a comment, or tweet us, and tell us what you didn’t like? We promise not to take it personally, or say hurtful things back at you, no matter how badly you deserve it!

If you’re not ready to commit to a subscription yet, if you’re still getting over a bad relationship with a previous podcast, well hey, we can take it easy! Just have a little casual fun! Try listening to one of our more recent episodes below! We promise not to get weird about it!

Now Look Here!

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