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How to Transport a Family

We’re back! Things have been so unsettled that we had to record this episode (How to Transport a Family) in two separate sessions, and then still took extra days to edit it and produce the recording you’re about to listen to.  But we made an extra effort to be a little more interesting than usual, as our way of making it up to you for keeping you waiting.

In this episode we talk about transport, and the unique problems of moving a large family around when your school, place of work, and home, are all far apart.  Big cars are the obvious answer, but there are many reasons why you might not want to go that route – they’re expensive to buy, expensive to fuel, and are hard on the environment.  We found another solution which, while not as luxurious or even comfortable as we might have liked, has turned out to be unexpectedly practical – it’s a good compromise between the transport needs of a family of seven, and those of the individual adults going to work.  Listen to the podcast to find out what it is!

And on a different note

We’ve also recently worked our way through a brand new science fiction TV series called The Expanse.  It’s not just good, it’s amazingly good, and we are more excited about the still-to-be-filmed 2nd season than we’ve been about any media in a very long time.  We give our best effort at a pretty decent review, without any spoilers – let us know if we got it right in the comments!  Or you know, whether you agree with us or not, if you have anything to add, or whatever.  Comment!

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