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Alone Time

Better late than never, here is the eleventh episode of the Now Look Here! parenting podcast.  After a long, sticky, but all round peaceful Easter weekend, we return to discuss the never ending struggle to find some alone time for yourself. Specifically, we talk about how we manage it, how other parents seem to do it, and why it’s so important (spoiler: If you don’t find a little time away from your responsibilities as a parent, you might very well lose your mind.)

Whether it’s swapping duties with your partner, roping in a babysitter or taking time in increments, we try and wrap our heads around ways to take small breaks (and essentially stay sane).


You may have noticed…

We did not review any television or movies this week.  Sorry about that but we simply haven’t managed to find any alone time to watch anything this week, which is one reason why we chose this week’s topic! However, we recently got our hands on Elementary, a modern take on Sherlock Holmes from a few years back.  We’re slowly working our way through season one, and will be returning to our usual format next episode to let you know what we think!

We’v been playing around with our recording equipment, trying out a few knobs we hadn’t pressed before, and we think we’ve managed to improve our audio quality somewhat.  Let us know in the comments if we’re easier to hear!

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