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The Terrible Two’s

In which we discuss The Terrible Two’s

Our first full episode of the new year!  We’re trying out something new with formatting, so please leave a comment and tell us what you think?  We’ve decided to narrow our focus on parenting and what better place to start than the hugely frustrating Terrible Two’s – that stage of a child’s life which begins sometime near their second birthday and ends when they get their driver’s license.  We look at what’s going on in your screaming little angel’s mind that makes them act like this, and how adjusting your own attitude can make things easier for everybody.

You’ll notice that this is one of our shortest recordings, and this is a deliberate decision.  Hour-long podcasts seem to be the standard, but who has the time or attention-span to listen to such long recordings in a single session?  A shorter recording is easier to listen to and forces us to work harder at cutting the chaff and staying on topic.  We’re pretty happy with the results, and hope that you like it too!


So you’ve listened to the whole thing and are pulling your hair out in frustration at our struggle to name the actor whom we mentioned at one point. The one who did NOT voice Simba in The Lion King 2.  He starred in Ferris Buehler’s Day Off, and played Mouse in Willow.

Well you can relax: It came to us about five minutes after we turned off the recorder: Matthew Broderick!

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