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Now Look Here Podcast Announcement

This is not a regular episode of the Now Look Here podcast.  It’s only a few minutes long, and it’s just me talking, but it has an important message that I felt needed saying.

Don’t worry though, it’s nothing too dramatic or unpleasant.  Rather, it’s our first attempt at responding to feedback and improving the show.  Short version:  We’re tightening our focus on the issues we’re going to talk about, and will be returning to a regular recording schedule.

Incidentally, if you have been listening and would like to hear us talk about something specific, please use the comments section below to let us know, or just email us at  We read every single message and, for now at least, will acknowledge and discuss all communications in the podcast.

Thank you for your support so far, and we promise that 2016 will bring you a much better show!

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