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The name is Bond. Domestic Bond.

With the recent release of the Bond film, “Spectre” in cinemas, we took the opportunity to discuss James Bond films in general, and Daniel Craig in particular. Specifically, we exploited our limited knowledge of the franchise to analyse whether or not James Bond would be any good in the real world, with toddlers and a mortgage. We also have a bit of fun with the old Scot, Timothy Dalton, Roger Heffner Moore and Ursula Andress…

Catch our second podcast ever and find out why we’ll probably never win money on an official Bond quiz!

On a technical note, we were still figuring out our audio quality issues.  One bad microphone was generating a lot of noise, but we were stuck with it till better equipment could arrive.  We did our best to filter out the noise, but it’s still there.  Hopefully this will be the last episode with these problems!

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