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Who’s afraid of the Weeping Angels?

One of the most popular episodes in Doctor Who was “Blink”, featuring practically no Doctor, and a new, terrifying species of alien monster called the Weeping Angels.  In our first ever podcast, we look at the episode and ask “So are they really that scary?”.  And then we wander off topic and discuss everything BUT Doctor Who…

On a technical note, the audio isn’t great.  We know this.  We’ve never done anything like this before, and in between breaking in new microphones and learning how to mix sound recordings into a coherent show, we’ve made a few mistakes.  We’re very sorry about that, but hey!  It’s episode 1 and nobody is listening to us yet, so we can forgive ourselves a few microphone pops!  Standards?  We’ve heard of them!

But if, despite all that, you like what you hear, please share this episode on your social media.  If you found us on iTunes, go ahead and give us a good review.  Helping us to find more listeners is the best reward you can give us!


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