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Starting a blog


Ever read some bit of news or hear somebody’s opinion, and get to thinking about it?  Every chew on it for a while, share your conclusions with those closest to you and thought “Man, I should be starting a blog!”

Me too.  So that’s what I did.

So I’m a white male South African who’s life straddles the old and new regimes.  I’m a Christian, I am a scientist (well… science writer), I’m an IT guy, I’m a family man, I think the world needs a whole lot more tolerance, I think the world would be a better place if people just sat down and thought things through, if people could at least consider other people’s needs and feelings once in a while.

And I have big ideas, which is what we’re here for.  I try really hard to avoid simply regurgitating the last thing I read in my favourite news column or thought leader blog because it seems to me that that’s the stupid way.  Nothing wrong with agreeing with people or following the herd, provided that you realise that that’s what you’re doing and consciously chose to do so.  Sometimes the herd Abutis heading in the direction you wanna go!

One more thing before signing off:  Future writings will be a lot more coherent than this. That’s the only promise I’ll make here because 1st posts on new blogs are always full of goals and plans that get forgotten when the blog starts to mature.  I’d like to buck that trend.

Looking forward to some interesting conversations with you guys!

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